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leading games on PlayStation 2

God of War 2

After the high-profile debut of God of Battle in 2005, the general public made certain that the follow up would certainly show up on the PS3 platform. Absolutely nothing similar to this. Exactly 2 years later on, when PS2 was nearly crossed out, God of Battle 2 came out, which shocked every person with its scale, storm activity and excellent graphics. God of Battle 2 introduced brand-new hero powers and also abilities: Kratos can now sway on ropes in the spirit of Indiana Jones and also soar airborne using the wings stolen from Icarus. Yet the primary advantage of the video game, as when it comes to God of War, was brutal battles with ancient Greek beasts, where blood streamed like a river with displays, as well as the limbs of adversaries spread in all instructions with enviable regularity.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Serpent Eater

Steel Gear Strong 3: Serpent Eater was a distinct step forward for the legendary PlayStation series. The sequel, which took place in the 60s of the last century (throughout the Cold War), presented us to Solid Serpent’s papa named Naked Snake (also known as Large Employer) and also moved the activity to the vast forest. Below we had to utilize camouflage, hunt on animals and also heal wounds in the field. Unique reference is entitled to smartly applied stealth, in addition to an incredible story, finishing in maybe the very best battle with the boss. For all these factors, Serpent Eater is taken into consideration one of the most effective parts of MGS.

Grand Burglary Vehicle: San Andreas

Vice City was much better than GTA 3 in every way, as well as Grand Theft Automobile: San Andreas boosted the range of the previous game by a number of times. Now at your service was not just the city – you had to discover the entire state with cities, towns as well as wild animals. And you no more played errand boy for mafia managers – you got utilized to the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a full-fledged character with a personality, backstory and also the requirement for food and exercise (whose body make-up transformed relying on your actions). really outrageous: take, for instance, the theft of a jetpack from Location 51 at the request of a pusher with CIA links. Nothing more enthusiastic has actually been offered by GTA since then; incidentally, as any other game did not provide. It was the game that many individuals bought the PS2 console for, which is why it ended up in 3rd put on our checklist. All you have to do is select the console on this site that you want to play ps2 roms download games.

Resident Wickedness 4

Whenever Resident Wickedness 4 enters the following choice, the emphasis is most definitely put on the reality that the video game has actually come to be a fresh stream in the series, there is an absence of traditional zombies, a hassle-free sight from behind the hero’s shoulder, and so on etc. Allow’s obtain directly to the point: RE4 was just simple enjoyable to play. Manual aiming (which made use of a laser guideline) made the firefights with angry peasants much more amazing than what we saw in previous Homeowner Evil 4. The characteristics additionally included melee strikes – currently we might fire an opponent in the knee and afterwards roundhouse kick them, sending them flying. The video game had a considerable impact on the third-person shooter style as a whole, however when we hear about it, we are not advised of its importance to the sector: a string of intense minutes flashes prior to your eyes. Defense in a two-story house, where contaminated peasants strive to creep via, altercations with regenerators, labyrinths inside a huge medieval castle, and so forth. Besides, it is because of such memories that we play games.

Darkness of the Colosus

In the beginning glance, Shadow of the Giant appears vacant. Players are simply tossed into a significant globe in which there is not a solitary living soul. Dialogue is practically non-existent right here, along with adversaries, with the exception of 16 giants that you have to destroy. However, the task obtained a great deal of various awards and is thought about among the main work of arts ever before released on PS2. The trick of success hinges on the depth of the game. The plot here is not served via various cutscenes and also conversations, but directly through the gameplay. Each of the colossi – it is a secret that requires to be addressed, part of an unfortunate tale that needs to be composed right into the big picture on its own. Darkness of the Giant shows that video games ought to not comply with the regulations of various other kinds of media, and also supplies an experience that makes sure to be distinct for every gamer.